Can Windows 2003 Server read Option 82 in DHCP-Requests?

This question was asked severel times but in my opinion never answered correctly.

Windows Server 2003 DHCP with IP / 25
Relay Agent: Cisco Wireless Controller 5508 with IP / 27

The 5508 unicasts the DHCP request from a wireless client to the DHCP server an adds option 82 to the DHCP packet. The value of option 82 is the MAC address of the access point and the SSID.

I snifferd the request and can see the option 82 in the request and the IP of the 5508 as relay agent.

I configured two scopes: for VoIP-Cilents and for Notbook-Clients
I configured two WLAN-SSIDs: "VoIP" and "Notebook" (both reachable via the same Access-Point)

Clients locked into "VoIP"-WLAN should get an IP
Clients locked into "Notebook"-WLAN should get an IP

Can Windows 2003 Server read the option 82 field to allocate an address from the right scope to the client based on the value (SSID) of the option 82 field?

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Yes it is (although the network configuration should be a little more complicated, like defining the two WLAN as VLAn at the core switch level (layer 3) assigning the VLANs at the subnets). That's the way we differentiate wireless access between corporate users and guests (along with IAS and DMZ and so on). 

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Soto-ZenAuthor Commented:
Indeed I still don't know if Windows 2003 Server DHCP can be configurerd with option 82 (and how) but to get different IPs with different WLANs I can configure different "dynamic interfaces" with different VLAN tags on the 5508 controller and a associate them with the different WLANs.
In the VLAN interfaces on the distribution switch (where the controller is connected) I use the "ip helper-address" command for DHCP proxy function and reach the scope I want.
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