REST vs SOAP architecture

Hi Experts.

I am building an mvc 1.0 application using the spark view engine. I am using ASP membership and my data layer is an ORM mapper called LLBLGenPro on top of mssql server.

I've been reading lots of information about soap and rest approaches and will need to have a combination of both as I am dealing with some sensitive data.

My thoughts are to go with a WFC service layer but I'm not sure where to wire it in.

My controllers are rendering views by calling a repository layer and receiving data transfer objects which have been mapped from my ORM.

I'm thinking that all I change is the controllers from calling the repository layer, to calling a webservice via proxy, which itself calls the repository layer and feeds back data transfer objects as results.

I'm also wondering if my calls to the WCF layer would be simply authenticated with the current website's membership data when logged in.

Any thoughts on the issue would be appreciated.
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jamesbaileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does your repository layer implement an interface? If so it's a fairly easy job to use dependancy injection to inject a different implementation of the interface into your controllers. I'd suggest having a look at  Castle Windsor and the Castle WCF facility

Your WCF calls will be made in the context of the web user rather than at the membership level.

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