How can I use the ajax rating control to display an average rating?


I am using the ajax rating control within my web application frontend to show a backend database int value between 1 and 5 for a particular item. This is fine when showing a single rating value but I want to show an average rating value, thus meaning that a typical value may be equal to 4.63... forcing me to use a float data type value instead of an int in my database. Is it possible to link the ajax rating control to a float value, i.e. can the ajax rating control show half stars or even float values?

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David RobitailleAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
Short Reponse : No
Long Response :Not with the ajax rating control from the ajax control toolkit.
aspnet-scotlandAuthor Commented:
Full solution not provided
David RobitailleAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
From the Experts-exchange Help:

The correct answer to some questions is "You can't do that."        
Sometimes, you will get an answer that isn't what you want to  read, but it still may be the correct answer, and you should award  points to the Expert that gave you that answer.

What's the right grade to give?        
Grading at Experts Exchange is not like school. It's more like  the "10-point Must" system in professional boxing; in other words, an  answer is worth an A, unless it doesn't resolve your issue. If it  requires you to do a little more research, or figure out one more piece  of code, then it's worth a B. If you think it's not worth a B, the  custom is to offer the Experts an opportunity to earn a better grade.
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