What is the proper way to power on and power off a San Swtich and San Storage

I know this might sound stupid but can someone guide me on the proper steps in powering off and powering on a SAN? I've got a IBM B24 SAN switch. I can't seems to find the power on/off button on it. Do I just pull out the main power in order to off it? I also have an IBM DS3000 SAN storage. Do I just off it straight without damaging the harddisks? Of cos I will turn off the server first.
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The power on sequence will the reverse of the power off sequence.

Power off sequence: -

1. Shutdown all servers that have access to the SAN
2. Shutdown the SAN switch to - check no activity lights are showing before powering off!
3. Shutdown the SAN controller
4. Shutdown the hard disks

Allow a few minutes between each action to make sure that any data that is flowing thru the system is flushed to disk.

Follow the same process when powering up - but allow time for all the disks to spin up before powering on the SAN controller.  Similarly, wait for the SAN controller to finish booting before powering up the SAN switch.

For power up, allow about 30 minutes.

This is a generic guide but should be ok for your IBM SAN.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
You shutdown the DS3000 using the storage manager GUI, that ensures all activity is flushed to cache first.
In a previous life I managed a pair of DS4300's.

Shut down all hosts with attached storage.
Shut off SAN switch (some have rocker switches, some - yes, you have to pull the power cord)
Shut off the controller - VERY IMPORTANT - do not turn off any disk cabinets before the controller is powered off, otherwise the controller will freak out and start marking drives defunct.
Shut down hard disk cabinets.

Andy - My DS4300 didn't have an option to shut down from within Storage Mangler, it had rockers on the back of each of the units.  ??

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Your post did not add anything to the shutdown procedure I posted earlier.
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PS - [quote]Follow the same process when powering up[/quote]  IN REVERSE.  Do not turn the hosts on first.
totallypatrickAuthor Commented:
Ok guys. Thanks for the great input. You guys says that I should off the controller 1st before powering down the harddisk. I can only see 2 on/off switches besides each power cord at the back of the SAN enclosure. Is there any additional switch for the harddisk?
totallypatrickAuthor Commented:
OK i have just take a look at the Storage Manager and under Support Tab there is a Manage Contorllers icon. There is an option for "Place Controller Online or Offline". I should use that right? But what happens when power is restored? Will the controller on by itself?
No, you do not have to place the controller offline.  That's used for maintenance (replaceing a controller, controller battery, cabling, etc) - it causes failover on multiple controller systems.

I didn't think you had a power down option in SM.  It likely looks a lot like the back of my old DS4300's.  Just flip both the rockers off and the unit will power down.  There is no separate switch for each individual hard disk, they get their power from the backplane.

One thing I forgot to mention before - when you're powering the SAN back up - start with the disk cabinets first.  Power them on individually, and WAIT between powering each of them up.  You'll know when you're ready to go to the next one by the pattern of lights on the front.  When you first power them on, the activity is rather random while the backplane checks tthe disks to make sure they're good.  After the balckplane has done it's thing, but there's no controller attached (powered on) yet, the lights on the disk go into sort of a "wave" pattern.  When you see this on all the external disk cabinets (assuming you have any, anyhow), then you know that you are ready to turn the controller itself back on.  Then, wait for ALL the lights to go green, and then try to access it with SM and make sure everything is all good BEFORE you let any hosts in there.


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