Mysql server update cause error in php myadmin.

Hi E's

I have updated my mysql server from 5.0 to 5.1.x.

before it works fine, but after upgrading its displaying error in my phpmyadmin.
Error is as below:
"Your PHP MySQL library version 5.0.51a differs from your MySQL server version 5.1.45. This may cause unpredictable behavior."

I am not getting what to do with this.

Hope i am clear to all.

Thanks in advance
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Avinash ZalaWeb ExpertAsked:
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Hi again Addy

unless you upgrade your PHP version, you're out of luck. I did some research and everybody is talking about the same solutions:
1. Upgrade PHP - the 5.2.x client is simply not as new as it should for the latest versions of MySQL.
2. Compile your own MySQL DLLs for PHP. Let's not even get into that - if it's difficult to upgrade PHP, you don't want to mess with compiling DLLs
3. Simply disable the error in PMA (no real effect other than you just don't see it anymore)

Other than that, my own findings and thoughts:
1. I remembered that I had a laptop that was showing this error. I had installed PHP via the Microsoft Web Platform installer on that laptop and MySQL manually. That very laptop was used to test several aspects of PHP development on Windows and was intentionally left with a previous version of PHP. FYI, the installation was: PHP 5.2.11 (MySQL client 5.0.51a) and MySQL 5.1.41. phpMyAdmin, certainly did complain. But neither PMA nor any other PHP application ever did anything wrong while handling data.
2. I installed and played around with several versions of the MySQL client. Any client other than the one provided by PHP (even from different, later versions of PHP) did not work.
3. Upgrading PHP to 5.3 is really easy and worked fine. The message was gone after upgrading too.

Bottom line?
You should upgrade PHP. If you're 100% sure you can't, then you can simply ignore the message. As I said before (and as most other people say in several references both in this site and in others), this won't be a problem. It's a warning that PHP & MySQL throw in order to state a given misconfiguration. But it's not a show-stopper.
Hi there

if I remember correctly, you need to enable the mysql native driver for this to work 100% fine.
This should help:

However, if you use PMA for more-or-less the standard tasks, don't expect to see anything crazy.
Also, make sure you set up PMA to use the mysql driver - not mysqli. That makes quite a difference as far as the client api version is concerned.
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One more question - which PHP version are you using? Versions prior to 5.3 had mysql client libraries that did not officially "support" MySQL >5.1
Avinash ZalaWeb ExpertAuthor Commented:
Here is my configuration:

PHP Version 5.2.9-1

Apache/2.0.59 (Win32) PHP/5.2.9-1

MySQL client version: 5.0.51a

Server version: 5.1.45-community

PHP extension: mysql

Can you please suggest what to do in my case.

Hmmm... first of all - any chance you can upgrade PHP to 5.3+?
I remember having this issue with versions prior to 5.3 (like 5.2.8 or 5.2.9).
If not, I'll try to set up a vm with your config and see how this can be fixed.
Are you by any chance using XAMPP or WAMP?
Avinash ZalaWeb ExpertAuthor Commented:
Avinash ZalaWeb ExpertAuthor Commented:
I have configured php mysql separately.
Avinash ZalaWeb ExpertAuthor Commented:

Full marks to you.
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