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Dears .

am going to install a second CAS 2010 server in the same active directory site and create a clients  Access array to host them  ,this to load balance the 2 CAS servers  , i know the procedure of how to do that , but still confused about some points :

1. each CAS server has it's own Virtual directories , so if i do change any setting in one of them , should i change on the other ? ex- customize OWA logon page .

2. is there any settings that should be changed on both of them , or it's enough to do the change on the CAS array name . it's better to be aware of these changes to avoid get in troubles in future .

Thanks a lot
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AkhaterSolutions Architect

1. yes sure any change should be done on both
2. I didn't understand the question what do you mean ?
BusbarSolutions Architect

1- Yes, if you did OWA customization, you must copy the content from 1 server to another.
2- you will have to adjust the OAB, autodiscover and OWA internal and external URLs.



I mean what settings in each of one that could make a troubles if they are not identical .
Ex : External or Internal URL settings, OWA-FBO settings, ECP , OAB , Autodiscover , POP3, IMAP , AS , OAB distribution  ....etc

busbar :

What do you mean bu adjust ... do you mean to make them identical , similar to each other .

Solutions Architect
yes all these settings should be changed on both CAS servers
BusbarSolutions Architect
no they will have to point to the NLB name not individual server names :)

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