Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Hi All,
I have installed Symantech Ghost Solution Suite on Windows Server 2003.
I want to backup the server it self and not any client machines.

I am trying to create an image and the Machine Groups shows up blank.

How can i create an image

Clement PAsked:
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JarrodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Provided the hardware is identical and its just a software problem you can do this relatively easy. There is a program installed with ghost called the ghost boot wizard which creates a number of differenet types of boot disks which can be used for standalone style ghost session or you can use the console boot partition that the ghost boot wizard creates. The console boot partition is used to contact a ghost server and be controlled by it outside of windows (The equivalent of the ghostclient outside of windows). You can run a task on the ghost console to push the image back to the machine so long as the console boot partition is running on the machine.

Another alternative is to use a ghost boot cd and have the image on a portable hard drive and restore it. But this sells the ghsot corporate software short as the real power in it is being able to reghost machines remotely (Provided windows is running or the console boot partition is running). If you need more info let me know
When you say you want to backup the server itself, are you meaning you want to backup the machine you installed ghost console on ? The ghost console in itself can only control and image other machines aprat from itself. Is this the first time you have used ghost console ?
Clement PAuthor Commented:
yes this is the first time i am using shost console on a server, previous i have just used it on standalone machines
Alright i am actaully trying to create an image of the server to restore in the event of any disaster.
hw can i acheive that..
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To achieve this the ghost console needs to be installed on another server that will store the image on and control the ghost client machine remotely. You instal lthe ghost client on the server or pc you want to image and then run a ghost task on the client machine you want to backup to create an image and store it. This will reboot the client machine you want to backup out of windows and start ghost to pull the image up and then reboot it back to windows. Usually most people do this for their pc's but theres no reason you cant do it for a server, it just potentially takes a bit longer. If you need more any info let me know
Clement PAuthor Commented:
When i try to add supported domains, this is what i get
Any idea on what i should do..

The access control list (ACL) structure is invalid.

Error code: 2147943736
Operation failed

Sounds like a domain policy restriction for the ghost service account (Usually password policy), check out these symantec links for common things that cause the issue

Hope this helps
Clement PAuthor Commented:
Links you provided indeed have helped me great deal..
Before i close this question. One quick last question.
Can this image that we create be used to recover the computer from a no boot situation.
I mean if a client computer is on a BSOD can i use the image to restore it?
Do i need to make any additional boot disks?

thanks for all your help.
Clement PAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for the help, and sorry for the delay in accepting the solution. Cheers.
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