How do I bulk delete ShrePoint groups

I have around 750 SP sites set up.  Each site was set up with unique permissions.  SP 2007 helpfully created 3 SharePoint groups (' site members', 'site visitors', and 'site owners') for each site.  I don't use the SP groups as have created my own automatically populated active directory groups.  I have created some SP groups to use as audiences for web parts.  Every time I want to edit the membership of these groups, I have to wade through the 750*3 SP groups I don't use.  Now I'm trying to delete all of the extraneous SP groups.  Surely there's a quicker way than having to go through each one and delete individually?
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PowerShell is likely the best method - see for some helpful tips, although sp-deletegroup isn't in there.  I suspect there's a cmdlet in there somewhere
open them in exploer view and delete in bulk..
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