Setting up a fax (UK) - what mod taps required?


I need to setup a fax in someone's office using the spare analogue line  that came with the broadband. But as I'm IT I need some help in knowing what I required (I'm in the UK)
So in the office I have the fax Machine and the telephone lead that came with it. On the wall I have an Ethernet point that goes through the patch panel.

1) What Mod tap is required in the office to connect the fax to?

Then in the comms room, I have the patch panel with the relevant Ethernet port for the office. This I can connect to the ADSL filter, phone connection that is associated with the broadband. However:
2) What mod tap / cable is required to link the patch panel Ethernet port to the Telephone socket on the ADSL filter that is going to be the fax line.

Any input greatly appreciated.
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Does the phone cable have a BT connector on it?

If so you probably want this

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You will probably also need the following (or only need the following if not BT)
afflik1923Author Commented:
The Fax in the office as a HP AIO device that comes with a BT style ended lead (As if plugging direclty into a UK phone linke)

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You will need both of the items above  I think, plus a standard modem cable (rj11 = rj11)

Wired as follows from what I can tell

Where the fax machine is,  a modem cable as below, running from the fax machine to the item in my 2nd post which then plugs into the RJ45 network socket.

In the comms room you will need the cable from my first post.  This goes from the patch panel into the BT socket on the filter.

Does that make sense and is that what you were after?

afflik1923Author Commented:
Looks like it will sort it. Proof will be in the testing, so I'l rr the parts, install next Monday, and let you know.

Many thanks for the input!
afflik1923Author Commented:
OK here is what I'm going to have to do and I'm hoping you can confirm this will work for me.

Because at present I will not be able to get a RJ11 to RJ45 cable for tomorrow (I'm in West London and have to visit North London job tomorrow morning) I'm going to have to settle with what Maplin can supply me.

Therefore I'm going to have to get 2 of the following (the BT to RJ45 - - your fist link:
Item 1:

I already have a modem cable but will buy a longer one just in case. Therefore the small RJ11 (I think) to BT style connector
Item 2:

(Note I already have one of these so will not actually be buying the above)

And then I will also have to buy (at excessive pricing) as US to BT style adaptor.

Item 3:

I will put one of item 1 in the office where I am connecting the Fax which will plug into the patch panel and connect as normal.
Then in the comms room I will put another "Item 1" into the corresponding Ethernet port on the patch panel.

Then I will plug in my modem cable into the Item 1 hanging out of the patch panel. The other end of this cable (which will be the RJ11) I will attach my Item 3(Us to UK adaptor) and then plug this directly into the spare telephone line in the comms room.

1) Can I confirm my assessment will work and that I have selected the right parts
2) Also can I be sure this modem cable I have found in my home will (I think it is a modem cable as it has BT one end and RJ11 the other) will work? Is there any way I can make sure this is the right type of cable as I have no idea where it came from?

Thanks again
afflik1923Author Commented:
Actually on your first link:

Which of the three available items should I use. I've got myself confused now.
afflik1923Author Commented:
Seemed to work and we used the master sockets.
Sorry for the lack of response I've been tied up with other things.  I see you got sorted, is everything working ok?
afflik1923Author Commented:
All working good I beleive. Thanks for the input.
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