How to setup Epson Aculaser C900 with Windows 2003 Server


I've an Epson Aculaser C900 via USB connected with a Windows 2003 Server.
Epson suggest there Epson Universal Common Driver (2.0e) driver for Windows 2003 but with these driver my server don't print anymore.
So I decide to use the W2K driver and it works fine local.

The matter is that I can't make it work fine with the Vista client.
When I use the Epson Universal Common Driver (2.0e) driver also nothing happens.
Using the W2K driver I can print using the server only with the default settings, eg. change the paper size cause an error.
Also there's ever reportet a missing EBAPI.
Connecting the printer local to the Vista client using this driver works fine without any trouble only printing over the network fails.

Any ideas solutions for please?


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andre72Author Commented:
Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
welcome, is it worked?
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