pcAnywhere Windows 7 alternative

pcAnywhere is still not compatible with Windows 7. It works... but not very well. Full screen mode doesn't even work which is a key feature.

What other alternatives are there? I need the feature to be able to connect from a desktop with 1 monitor, to a desktop with 3 monitors. I need to few all 3 of those monitors.

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fina27Author Commented:
Also, it has to be some kind of client. It can't be web based like logmein.
The latest version of Tight VNC supports multiple monitors and is available for free at http://www.tightvnc.com

The full screen mode works well too.
I use Ammyy_Admin, it's free up to 15hrs per month. www.ammyy.com
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you could set up an account with dyndns www.dyndns.com. install the updater from their site on the PC you want to access remotely, and then you can use remote desktop to access the machine from anywhere. it's what i use and it works well. the only thing i am unsure about is the multiple monitors, but the dyndns account is free so give it a try - nothing to lose
realVNC is the best currently in the market....
vnc's aren't really that helpful with a dynamic IP from your ISP....
fina27Author Commented:
Dynamic dns isn't needed. This will be happening over a VPN connection. The user just doesn't like remote desktop since it won't support multiple monitors. Yes i know of /multimon and /span switches.... but those still don't help when connecting from 1 monitor to 3 monitors.
fina27Author Commented:
does realVNC support multiple monitors? Can't find that on their website
ahh - in that case remote desktop or tight/ulta/real vnc will all be fine
sorry, just re-read the span comment...
yea real VNC does support dual monitors....try it buddy.....

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fina27Author Commented:
will the free version work? or would I have to buy the personal or enterprise?
Ammyy Admin does support multiple monitors and Dynamic DNS's. I think all the suggestions here are good. I would just pass this all to your user and let him/her try them all out.
well you have to buy it............
fina27Author Commented:
No problem just asking which one. So just to be 100% sure with realvnc.... if I have 1 monitor and remote into a computer with 3 monitors, I can choose which monitor I want to connect to within the session?
try its trial version, i have been using it for my entire network with 100 lic for about 6 years now....and have no complain at all, recently 100 more lic are approved
We use ISL for remote support at my company.

You can install a client on the pc and connect to it from a remote machine using a client not a web page.

Here is the link probably cheaper than PCAnywhere too.

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