How to remove lotus domino startup password


i have a domino server release 7.0 that runs on suse EL.

Each time i reboot and start the domino server (already done su n- notes etccc), it asks me for the server certifier password.

"" Welcome to IBM blah blah blah""

Please enter the password or press ESC to exit...

Is there a way to remove the password ?

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BawerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here its for you...

There are 2 ways to do this. Hopefully, you can do the easy way. You will need to examine the server ID file. You do this as you would any ID file via the administration client. The key is if the password length is set to zero or not. If it is set to zero, you can simply "clear password", and you're fine. If it has a minimum password length, then you would actually have to recreate the server ID file and give it a password length of zero. Doing option 2 obviously requires some planning and downtime to switch the ID on the server. Also, if the server ID is used to encrypt anything, that data would be unreadable from that point on.
check the server service on the file server..since too load can stop netlogon and server services including the workstation service....
sorry not for you , my apologies.......:(
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