How to add hours to a date field in CRM (onSave)


I have used code from the Experts Exchange website to add ONE week day to a date field in CRM.

        var TODAY;
        TODAY = crmForm.all.new_targetstart.DataValue
         var addDays = [1,1,1,1,1,3,2];
         TODAY.setDate( TODAY.getDate() + addDays[TODAY.getDay()]);

         crmForm.all.new_targetfinish.DataValue =TODAY;

I also need to add hours to TODAY.
How do I do that?
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Feridun KadirConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
How about something like the code below to add hours.

// Assume the date is on the form in a field called new_date
// and the hours to add are in a field called new_hours
adate= crmForm.all.new_adate.DataValue;

// Get the hour in the date and add the required hours to it

hour = hour + addhours;

//Update the date with the new hour and update the field on the form. 
//If more than 23 hours are added, the date gets incremented


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juttaReimannAuthor Commented:
Thanks for a brilliant solution.
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