Cisco ASA 5550 Span Port

Can any give me an example of how to set a span port on a Cisco 5550 ASA.  The Swtichport Monitor command appears to only be native to the smaller 5505 and 5510 units.
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Istvan KalmarConnect With a Mentor Head of IT Security Division Commented:

It isn't working... you nned to creat SPAN or RSPAN the connected switch
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
It is working only 5505, becouse it has switch port, on the bigger ASA it isn't working!
PMPITAuthor Commented:
Yes.  switchport does not appear to be a valid configuration command under the interface configuration.     The Cisco documentation indicates that 5505 and 5510s are all natively switchports.  And that the higher units have a different type of interface configuration.  Im looking to setup a span off a Cisco 5550 ASA
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