InstallShield Object for BDE 5.11 in InstallShield 2010


We have updated InstallShield 12 to InstallShield 2010. I am not able to make the InstallShield Object for BDE 5.11 available in the new InstallShield version (InstallScript project).

We would appreciate any ideas.

Thank you in advance.  
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Can you drop Installshield?
If you move over to Inno Setup and ISTool, there should definitely be a way to install the BDE merge module.
...and on that note you should think about dropping the BDE ;)
Hold on... There is in fact a folder for merge modules that Installshield looks in. Find out what it is for InstallShield 2010 and make sure the merge module is in that directory.
opunAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your answer.
We used BDE object rather than merge module (however I do not know why); the directories seem to be almost identical in the previous and the current version: there is the "BDE 5.11 Object" in the ObjectsPro subdirectory and there is the module in the Modules/i386 subdirectory.
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