Dial numbers from screen/Windows applications using Avaya telephone


We have recently had the Avaya telephone system installed including the Avaya light software. I can't see anywhere to set up the ability to dial from the screen - for example, dial from Internet Explorer in much the same way that Skype does - as our old system used to use. Can anyone tell me how we can go about setting this up? Are there any software available that will allow us to achieve this?


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JRSCGIConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Avaya offers software that will do this but you need the one-X Communicator software (loaded on the user's PC).  The feature is called "wipe-to-dial".  It is described in this brochure:  http://www.avaya.com/usa/resource/assets/factsheet/uc3896%201xc%20apr7final.pdf
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