ASA5505 and DNSBL

Is there a way to configure an ASA5505 to use a DNSBL such as Spamhaus to deny inbound access? I'm familiar with the DROP list at Spamhaus, I'm more interested in the lists like
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No, the ASA won't understand that.  You'll need an smtp gateway of some kind for that.  What mail server are you using?  If you're on Exchange 2007 or better, the built in spam blocking feature(s) will allow you to query RBLs, and I've found them to work great.  Exchange 2003 IMF never seemed to do any good at all, but adding to Exchange 2007 works a treat, I've found.

If that's not an option, check out Cuda Mail.   They're a hosted spam filtering solution, very inexpensive and quite reliable.  I like them a lot - I've had much better success with them than with Postini.  MXLogic used to be a really good one too, but now they're owned by McAfee, so be very afraid.  --TX

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Petek0956Author Commented:
Thanks for the confirmation. I'm familiar with all the services you mentioned. We are using zen on our MTA. What we're trying to do is shift some of the 'defense' load to the ASA. Our MTA understands both DNSBLs and spamassassin. The way we use some other features of the MTA, it I know we're letting some zen-listed IPs through (its just the way this system works). I'd like to have the system prioritize DNSBL decisions, but that's unfortunately not the case. Thanks again.
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