Suppressing footers in Crystal reports

I have  report that i have made and it had 2 footers on the page.  The first footer contains, a graphic mesages and so forth, the secod footer contains the location information and web page stuff, etc.   I have a conditional suppress for footer A that if the pagenumber>1 to suppress the footer A,  the problem is that it does not release the space for usage on the next pages.  footer b seems to move up where footer A would have been and then thereis a blank below the footer b for the amount of space footer A was.  Its not a uge problem,big enough though I  would like to get  back this space to use on later pages as there are many pages with long lists on them.
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PCIIainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Page footers will not release space on suppression. Crystal always reserves space for all the page footers even if they are suppressed. You may be able to do what you want another way however.

What is on the first page? Is it all header information, or is some of the 'list' that you mention also included?
If you don't want the space from the footer to disappear, I suggest applying your conditional suppress to the objects within the footer, instead of to the footer section.
where did you put the conditional suppress at? On the object or in the section expert?When I set it up in CR10, is suppress correctly. I do know what you are talking about but I ran into my issue with the group footer.
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allenkbAuthor Commented:
The first page displays invoice header information in a reprot header section,  there are 4 sub rerpots after that, and then there is these 2 page footers.  
So no details section on that page?

Are the sub-reports capable of going over a page?
Try this idea

Create a subreport to show the page footer A information and put it in page footer A.  You can shrink page footer a to be fairly shor.  

Set the subreport to grow
Suppress page footer A as you have done.

That should reduce the white space

I don't  believe page footers will grow either. I think their size is fixed.
allenkbAuthor Commented:
it coems down to the fact that the footer will not release space when you supress items form displaying.   But the header will.  In the end i moved the items to the page header and it worked.  As long as the busiens accpets the change in the look of the invoice i am good to go.  This information from PCIIain wasthe information to my problem.. Sometimes there is no solution.
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