Windows 7 Home Prem Backup to USB Hard Drive will not recognize destination

I am trying to use Windows 7 Backup in a Home Prem Edition.  I have an external 500 GB USB hard drive that shows up as "F:" and I can explore it with Windows Explorer and copy files to etc.  However, when I choose it as destination of Backup that works but when Backup starts
it keeps failing saying can't find destination (F: USB Drive).

I have tried rebooting and running backup several times but it keeps failing every time with same error.  I have done Win 7 Backup on Home Premium using same setup (external USB Hard Drive) with no issues on other PCs.

Anyone have any idea how to fix?
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rdwolfAuthor Commented:
The problem turned out to be that the External USB Hard Drive (500 GB) had some corruption.  Even though the drive seemed ok in Windows Explorer it would fail every time (as described in original problem desc.) as not recognized destination.   Windows 7 Backup did state the drive may have corruption.  But I have gotten this warning on about 4 other USB drives on diff. systems and when I check the drive it says no issue found.  I think the Win 7 Backup warning "drive may be corrupt" may just be that the drive was never checked for errors but I am not sure.

I ran a Win 7 chkdsk on the External USB drive and it did find and fix errors.  After this the Win 7 Backup recognized the drive and it is not working fine for backup.

This is the solution in this case.  
What format is the USB drive?
 Windows will only back up drives that are formatted using the NTFS file system.
For more information about how Windows chooses which files to back up, see How does Windows choose which files to back up?
Go to start>Windows Help and Support>type in Backup
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You're answer just hops on mine centerv comes easy googling
Your answer is perfect. Debated if should take a step further for clarification only for future reference.
Not everyone using these forums is well versed.
Good luck
Thanks for feedback. Thought we were dealing with a stick.
Great to hear it's resolved but dont you think it's risky using a drive that may have had problems?
This is your backup !!
Some points to consider before backing up to a hard drive, some drives spin faster than others. Some have a better transfer rate than others.
Finding the Right Backup Drive
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