Embed Flash SWF into ASPX page

Hi Experts, this question has been asked a lot of times but I've looked at all the solutions and they seem not to work for my issue. I have attached a zip file with the swf, it works fine in html but when I put it in ASPX the file does not load. Please try it on your PC with an ASPX file and see if you can get it to load. Any ideas?
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IqAndreasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems to work just fine for me.

What code are you using to load in into ASPX? The ZIP only included the HTML file.

Do you have a "live" version on your site that contains the ASPX code that we can test on?
takwirirarAuthor Commented:
No, when I try and embedd that swf called gallery.swf into an aspx page e.g. Default.aspx it does not work, if you have a working aspx file please attach it here so I can test it on my side. Thanks
CyanBlueConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can help you as well if you can create a test page that we can see online...  It probably is the path issue rather than the HTML issue...

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takwirirarAuthor Commented:
Ok I have uploaded it to i.e. and this is wierd but both are now showing an error
takwirirarAuthor Commented:
Hi guys, something was wrong with the SWF itself, it was looking for a query string so as soon as I took that out, it now works fine.
takwirirarAuthor Commented:
User Error!
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