freeware ssh server or scp server for Windows XP that offer Binary & Ascii files transfer

There's Winscp & putty but these are scp client & ssh client.

I've also seen putty's pscp but it's a client running on Windows &
do not offer the choice of Binary & Ascii files transfer.

I'm looking for a ssh / scp server that runs on Windows &
if possible, it has a feature to choose between Ascii &
Binary modes

Ideally if this ssh / scp / sftp server  can auto-detect the
file is text or binary & automatically set to right mode;  if
it does not have this feature, perhaps someone can offer
an automated workaround : don't want a Dos2Unix or
Unix2dos utility.  I'm transferring files from Linux & HP-UX
boxes to a central Windows PC, so perhaps a Shell script
that checks if a file is Ascii text or binary & then set it to the
right mode for transfer would be good and if it's a "get" (ie
from Windows to Unix), then the script would check the
transferred file & if needed, do the dos2unix conversion
at Unix end.

Have encountered a number of disruptions where the mode
of transfer was not set correctly (or default mode is used)
resulting in incorrect mode being used : script can't be run,
/etc/hosts file at Unix end can't be read (thus IP addresses
on interface not set when Unix box is rebooted), etc etc
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There are several free ssh servers for Windows, for example:

Unfortunately, ssh/scp protocol always treat files as binary.
Ascii/binary mode is a feature of an old ftp protocol.
this is a case for freeSSHd -
WINscp offers a selection between the line-end characters LF od CRLF.
freeSSHd should be able to indicate to the client the mode to be used  - test it!
ASCII and EBCDIC modes are plague of file transfering.
You can use dd conv= command to convert files to system-readable format after binary transfer.
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

I've checked out & installed freesshd but there seems to be nowhere in it to
allow me to specify binary / Ascii mode as I got from the website a screen
shot (see attached)

Also, after launching it on my PC, it's running in the background, I can't seem
to call up the screen in the attached to do configuration.  What did I miss?
The SSH / SCP protocols do not provide a character set transaltion function (Asci mode). All transfers are encrypted and binary.
While WinSCP may not be useful for your needs (unless you can do a pull), then the following info might be useful
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Freesshd is the closest I can get.  I'll post another question for a scp scrpt that will autoconvert
a text/Ascii file before doing scp
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