Prevent BES Express from syncing "personal contacts" with Exchange

I just installed BES Express last week to run in tandem with my Exchange 2007 server (though BES is on a different machine), and thus far have only synced up two handsets thus far. Both phones are wholly owned by the employee, and this is simply a means for them to be able to easily access email/ calendars on the go. One of the users has been loving it, but the other person noticed their personal contacts showing up Outlook. They then proceeded to delete the personal contacts from Outlook, thus deleteing them from the Blackberry too.

So, is it possible to flag contacts/ calendar events to NOT sync up with the BES/ Exchange servers? I'm not seeing that option in the BES Express server, and I don't have a BB handset myself to check this.
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echobravo316Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It doesn't seem that the current rollout of BES supports selective contact syncing.  A little browsing suggested that you might be able to find some third party programs to get the job done.  Honestly, I would just call RIM or check out their online support.  Here is their info:

Online Support:

They do not appear to have their IT phone number on the website.

Good luck!
B HCommented:
sure, in your blackberry manager... users tab, right click the user... edit user properties

on the left, pim sync, address book, enabled = false

that should do it
biofishfreakAuthor Commented:
Hey Bryon, I'm using the express version, and I'm not seeing these options. I think I might use my free support ticket for this if I don't get an answer by later today.
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