1 DHCP Server, 1 Scope, 1 Superscope

A. Can I create a new Super Scope ( without disturbing the existing regular Scope ( and have them running side by side on the same Win 2k3 DHCP server?

B. Am I correct that  I will have to bind the scope and super scope to different NICs?

C. Can the new Super Scope use the same gateway and DNS address as the regular scope (both on the subnet) and still access the Internet?  If not, what does the new Super Scope need to see the Internet?
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

A. Yes. Should be fine, I have a few running like this.

B. No. They can all run on the same, super-scope addresses will be assigned based on the address the relay attaches to the request.

C. DNS Addresses yes, but the gateway? Your gateway needs to be on the same subnet as the client.



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What are you wanting to accomplish in the end?  I'm not sure a superscope is the way to go here.  Also, there's technically no such thing as the network, since the least significant bit of 11 (00001011) is outside the /23 mask.  The 192.168.11.x range would instead be part of
cbentsenAuthor Commented:
Wanted end result:

-The existing scope needs work as is without any alteration.  
-The 2nd (super)scope is intended be used to hand out up to 500 DHCP addresses over the wifi infrastructure which is purely for internet access.

Note:There is only one internet connection and one server (DNS, DHCP, DC)
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

I hadn't spotted that, good catch DrDave :)

The other subnet will need a gateway. The gateway would probably be the system running the DHCP relay. If you don't have a gateway or a relay then you can't use a super-scope anyway.

How is your Wifi infrastructure connected to the rest? As an access point for your existing LAN? As a wireless router?

cbentsenAuthor Commented:
Well, that rules out super-scope since I don't have a 2nd server to act as a relay.  

The WLAN will consist of 4 APs and will serve as semi-public wifi.

I guess I'll go with plan B which is a linksys router handing out DHCP as it's own network segment. Back to a 250-IP limit.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Hmm yeah, you'll need something a bit more capable to do things like relaying DHCP requests.

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