Access 2007 runtime Right Click crashes for some shortcut menus

I've decided to start deploying my Access 2002 appllication in Access 2007 and seem to have found one of the early issues with Access 2007.  

Basically I have a couple different shortcut menus I use for most forms.  These have all the handy features like cut, copy, paste, spell check, etc.  One option has a Close option and the other doesn't.   Forms assigned to the shortcut with the Close option work fine, when I right click on a form deployed on Access Runtime that is assigned to the shortcut without the Close option, Access crashes.

This is a 2002 .mdb which was converted to Access 2007 .accdb, then made into a .accde and installed with Access runtime on a computer that does not have MS Access Installed.

I've duplicated the issue on several computers, and when I reassign a form to the shortcut with the Close option, it works fine.  (The Close option might be totally irrelavant)

Anybody have any ideas where to start looking for a root cause?
David SmithsteinCEOAsked:
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David SmithsteinCEOAuthor Commented:
Well it looks like converting from Access 2002 to 2007 made one of my shortcut menus available to Access 2007 runtime, but if a form references any of the other shortcuts, right clicking will crash Access.

If I create a new shortcut menu in Access 2007 with the same name, then Access 2007 runtime seems happy, but the process of duplicating my shortcut menus is a #@!!$!!% wild goose chase.  In particular, I need to give users access to the Insert Object command when opening one of my document viewer screens with a bound OLE Field.  

Does anyone know of any references to get up to speed on using Macros to create shortcut menus?  I've figures out the basics of creating a macro with a list of options, and then creating the macro for the overall menu.

I'm running around in circles trying to get the individual items on the menu such as:
Cut, Copy, Paste, Spell Check, Insert Object, Edit, Hyperlink, Search, Find, Office Links, Print, Print Preview, Page Set Up, Export, Undo, User and Group Accounts, User and Group Permissions, Linked Table Manager.

This was so easy, OK easier,  in 2002/2003.

Scott!  Were are you......?
David SmithsteinCEOAuthor Commented:
I found them, they are under the RunCommand option.  Most of them anyway.  Still can't find Insert Object, but Manage Attachments looks interesting.  
David SmithsteinCEOAuthor Commented:
I think I figured out a solution.  Apparently MS Access 2007 will only import one shortcut at a time from a .mdb file.  If recreate my shortcuts in seperate 2002 .mdb databases, then I can import them seperately into my .aacdb database and they appear as designed when deployed in Access 2007 runtime.
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David SmithsteinCEOAuthor Commented:
I got it.  For some reason the Linked Table Manager option on my 2002 shortcuts were causing MS Access 2007 Runtime to crash if I right clicked a form that was set to a shortcut that had Linked Table Manager as an option.

I removed that option from my 2002 .mdb file, and I can import shortcut menus to 2007 .accdb or run my 2002 .mde file with Access 2007 and the right click crash behavior is gone.
Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
You might want to consider creating your shortcut menus via code.  I've been doing it this way for years because I never liked the old method of customizing the toolbar, designating the toolbar as a shortcut menu, then building the stuff with the GUI.  I've got a number of standard menus, that I keep in a code module which can be imported from one application to another.  I've attached an mdb with several of these.
To initiate these call the menu during your AutoexecMacro or in the Load event of your splash form.
Call MenuForm
Call MenuText
Call MenuReport
Then use the commandbar names that are created as the shortcut menu names.
Or, you can call them using


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David SmithsteinCEOAuthor Commented:
Might come in handy, although compared to selecting menu options from a list, coding them in myself seems like a huge step backwards.
Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
I liked the portablility, always hated having to do the options think when importing from another Access database.  Plus this provides a lot of functionality (textboxes, combo boxes) that I could never find with the other method.

I'm not even sure how to build them other than with code in 2007.  I know you have to write XML to create a new ribbon, wonder if that is the case for shortcut commandbars as well.
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