how to make a virtual machine public

Im new to Vmware & vSphere so please an ABC-123 explanation is warranted here. I have vSphere v.4 running on a Win 2003 R2 server. Im trying to get a virtual machine visible to the public & from what I understand there should be a wizard for this. Ive created a 2008 server 64 bit template & I have the ip information, but Im not sure where to go from here. please advise.
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What you mean public? Publish it to internet? You should do the same for any VM as you normally do for a physical machine
Nothing more nothing less, except you need to understand how vmware networking works
Are you able to ping the VM from other Internal machine? Ensure that the VM is connected to a vSwitch/PortGroup and there is at least a single uplink for the VM to reach your Internal network
Hi "JohnAchille". Welcome to the world of VMware! :) Will be glad to assist, but need some more info/clarification from you.

You said you have vSphere installed on W2K3? mean vCenter on W2K3? Not that it matters too much, but is it a VM or a physical box? You're also running ESX4 then I assume, correct? How many hosts? Do you have any 'clusters' set up?

Lastly, what do you mean by "trying to get a virtual machine visible to the public"? You mean you want it to see the Internet?...just added to the domain?...please clarify here. Thanks.

JohnAchilleAuthor Commented:
yeah its VCENTER. What I want is make the server available to other domains without creating a trust between domains (diferrent comapnies) but I monitoring all of them thru vcenter. So I want to use Whats up gold to monitor them. So I have the central site app installed on 1 domain, now the central site will allow the remote installtions report to the central via a ip:port. So it doesnt have to be public just accessable via ip:port. I was under the impression that vmware had a wizard that would allow me to create a public server. No?
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No, it really depends on the underlying vmware networks, just treat each VM as real physical machine, you wont be confused
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
So what we are all describing here for you is the following:
- Your virtual machines will communicate via a virtual network switch
- This virtual network switch is then connected to a physical ehternet port
- Within the virtual network switch, you can have many virtual servers each with its own IP address and communicating with your physical network
- Once you have this all configured, you can certainly use What's Up Gold to monitor your virtual servers.  But, since you also mention that you have vCenter, you can also use some of its environment monitoring capabilities for your virtual servers.
JohnAchilleAuthor Commented:
I just needed to open a port plus provide an public ip. I just created a site to site vpn for the reporting purposes. The hurdle was to avoid making business decisions for the client. It appeared@ 1st I would have to create a domain trust between the remote & central WUG sites. Thanks guys

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