script logic and windows7

I have new windows 7 computers that users will log onto with roaming profiles so users might log into different machines. The problem is that we use script logic which triggers the User Access Control security when it trys to install the print drivers. The users clicks ok and  then it will  ask for a admin user and password. We have disabled the UAC  and it still is causing issues and we do not really want to disable it if we do not have too. We also do not want to give all users admin or power users permissions.

Anyone have any ideas on how to stop it from alerting the asking the user if they want to install the driver and not request a password.

Thank you
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Make sure the network location is set to Private for starters.

Other than that, you can use Group Policy Preferences to add printers instead of the script and this should get around the UAC issue if you need to leave it on.

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