view current bandwidth usage on cisco 877

hi all,

our network is experiencing really slow external connectivity i was wondering if anyone knew any commands that would help me diagnose how much bandwidth we are using and the traffic thats going out etc?

anything that will help me see why where running so slow

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Hey Beast,

This article shows the proper commands and goes over what the bandwidth command REALLY means.

Hope that helps :)
I would download the free trial here And then if you need to identify the traffic you should use wireshark and mirror the port on thee router...  There is a lot of how tos for wireshark around the web.
Jan SpringerCommented:
I use MRTG or Cacti to track bandwidth, cpu and memory utilization.  Both tools are free and run on *nix or Windows.

If the 877 supports netflow, you can send flow data to a server using an ntop/cflowd type of tool to determine the types of traffic that pass through the network.
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