onclick set a div from hidden to show

hi i have created a div with the style='visibility:hidden'

<div id='ge' style='visibility:hidden'>"

can anyone give me an example of setting the div style to show using onclick please?

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You should change the style in a CSS form, it will be much easier to manipulate.

Some source I'm using:

#hiddenback {

You should basically nest the style then "toggle" visibility using "document.getElementByID". I found a great article:


Lots of ways to do this.

ac_davis2002Author Commented:
mmm cant get the link to work

I was hoping for a simple way of doing it really, I have created a button and wanted the onclick event to set the visibility to show? do I need to use javascript?

<input type='button' onclick='var d= document.getElementById("ge"); d.style.visibility="visible" ' />

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perhaps this is what you seek:
<input type='button' value='toggle view' onclick='var d=document.getElementById("ge"); d.style.display = d.style.display=="none" ? "block" :"none";'/>
<div id='ge' style='display:none;'>z</div>

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side note: you can use a link as well a href="#"

Ok - heres something simple.  I created this for a site login page. When you click the textbox it sends the onFocus information "toggleMsg('msg-2')" to the java function, when onBlur it sends the same information to java.  It can be adapted to what you are trying to do.


function toggleMsg(idElement){
  element = document.getElementById(idElement);
  } else {

Text box onFocus/onBlur that changes the DIV:

<input name="textfield2" id="psw" onFocus="javascript:toggleMsg('msg-2')" onBlur="javascript:toggleMsg('msg-2')" type="password" maxlength="50"/>

DIV Iteself (thing we want to change):
<span class="style4 style10" id="msg-2" style="visibility:hidden;">Account locks after 3 failed attempts.</span>

There is a limit to how meny Style Calls can executed in Mozilla and IE. it is better to keep all CSS in the style sheet.
I prefer the simple DOM method onClick="[ElementName].className='show andMove andbolder'.
className is case sensitive and the styles are applied left to right in the list seperated by spaces.
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
Thanks guys
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