Cisco 5505 backup

I backed up the configuration file on a Cisco 5505; however, I don't know how to place that backup onto the device again.  Also, is there anything else I need to do after I load the backup file as well?
Doing this from the ASDM url.

I'm new to the Cisco 5505 backup
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Use a tftp server to upload the config (3cdeamon in an easy to use tftp server)

USe the command "copy tftp config" and follow the on screen command.
Finally type the command "copy start config"

If everything is ok, execute "witer" command to save the file as  your starup one.
Once you have it backed up it would be as simple as typing "copy tftp running-config" and specifying your file.
Once you have your file backed up to restore it you just type copy tftp running-config and specify your information.
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OCwaste2Author Commented:
Can you show me how if I backed up the file to the desktop?
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
Backup config to flash

copy running-config flash:

copy backup config

copy flash:\backup.cfg run
you need a tftp server software (here attached), run it on your pc connected via ethernet to you router

to backup config:
#copy running-config tftp
#copy startup-config tftp
put you pc's IP in server address field.....

to restore config, run tftp server from the directory where you stored the file and then
#copy tftp startup-config
(without save)
#copy tftp running-config
#wr mem
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