Websence or Untangle

1 physical server running Window 2008 hyperv, hosting 4 hyperv w2k3 servers, approximately 40 workstations.
I am extremly dissapointed with how difficult it is to get a live person on the phone or a call back after leaving a message with either company.

I need a solution that tracks end user activity username, ipaddress  destination url and blocks inappropirate content, and have different levels of access for different users/groups.  Cost is factor, would prefer to manage in house and not host.

At a glance  untangle seemd to be a good solution- build a system install untagle, license what components i need.
But Websence appears to the standard and comes highly reccomended.  Would need to buy or build a system with windows(more $) then purchase install configure Websence.

Im a bit agrivated with websence, due to the difficulty to contact, and then being differed to "reseller" (who doesnt answer the phone) to actually make the purchase.  

Any input or advice would be appreciated, If im am being to vague please let me know how to narrow my question down and i will award points and open a question.

TIA Seaweed

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I've installed an Untagle system in an internet café with good results. It is running the free version, but functions very well. The nice part about Untangle is that you can go with the open source package, and build off of that by subscribing for the paid applications.
You could consider the webfiltering provided by the Bluecoat Proxy appliances.
The filtering is really accurate and the appliance offers great capabilities for defining policies.
A good quality / cost ratio

For only 40 workstation, you could also consider a solution "in the cloud". (probably lower TCO) : have a look at zScaler
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