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I have an embedded view in a parent doc which shows the responses to that parent doc. I want to show only a 2 inch window on the form, but I want to show all of the response entries in the printout. I figured this was a simple problem - just make the embedded view "fit the window" vertically. But that doesn't work because for whatever reason there is then a huge white space under the embedded view object when the document is printed out (even if the vertical height of the embedded view is set to something like 1 inch - but has "Fit To window" selected as well.

So, it's as though I have two choices : Have an embedded view which is only 2 inches high & doesn't show all the responses in the printout - or have an embedded view which expands during the printout, but then shows a huge white space when you read the document.

I thought a potential solution to that would be to have 2 embedded views which are showing the same thing. One of the embedded views would be set to a fixed 2 inches height, and would be used to view the document, with the hide-when set to hide the it during printouts. The other embedded view would be set to "Fit To window" and would only be used for printouts. However, the problem with that solution is that there is no hide-when setting which allows you to hide something all the time, except during a printout.

This is a problem that is much more difficult than it should be. Can somebody please give me some advice here ?

Thank you.
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Only things I can think of off-hand would be:

1. Have a "print" form with the different layout and you have a print button which prints it by changing form before printing

2. Take the data from the responses view and display it in a Rich Text or Text field in tabular form using lookups - either for the printer layout or the display only one -- but that depends what your data is showing.

3. Do as you suggest and have two embedded views, give the users a print button which sets a computed hidden field "$printing" to "1", refreshes, launches the print dialog box, then sets it back to "0" again.  Set it to "0" when the document is opened.   Use $printing="1" or $Printing="0" in the hide-when for the embedded view.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Or use a proper printing tool like NotesToPaper or equivalent. Everybody knows that Notes printing sucks.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Very true Sjef, though have had some "not too bad" printing  through from Notes to PDF for Purchase Order apps and the like.  Predictable isn't necessarily the word for it mind...

For anything particularly serious with layout and without a budget for better tools I tend to create an Excel sheet or Word document programatically from the data.

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Ah, yes, right, Word, the #1 contender... and why not Symphony??
VincentATLAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your comments.

Steve - I think the solution will end up being a combination of #1 & #2. I will end up making a print form which substitutes a rich text field for the embedded view. But I'm not going to put it into tabular format, but rather a more vertical format. In other words :

Name : John
Date : 3/10/2010
Comment : This is the comment John has left.......

Name : Mary
Date : 3/11/2010
Comment : This is Mary's comment.....

At first this may seem as though it will take up too much form real estate vertically. However, because of the nature of the data this will actually save space because : A) there aren't a lot of responses, so it won't be too tall ; and B) This will actually give more space for the Comments field since it will be starting from the far left instead of a column which would start on the right.

Again, thank you very much for all of your comments & suggestions.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
As long as you and your users are happy with it thats fine.  You probably don't necessarily need a rich-text field unless you want it formatted, a plain text one would do the job and just blank the field out before you save / after you print I guess.

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