"Outlook is trying to retrieve data rom the Microsoft Exchange server "serverclustername.domain.local"


We run an Active/Passive cluster of Exchange 2003 SP2 and Outlook 2003 on the client side.

Recently we have been getting pop-up message saying "Outlook is trying to retrieve data rom the Microsoft Exchange server "serverclustername.domain.local"

We have been able to correlate this messages with an increase of the SMTP traffic which can be seen in the attached graphic. When we get the pop-up message the SMTP traffic is spiking.

Does the traffic for SMTP looks out of proportion or could be causing this issue? Are there any other ways within Exchange or somewhere else that could help me to troubleshoot this problem?

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Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It looks SMTP traffic is normal.

Run Exchange Best Practice Analyzer tool and fix the errors reported.

Hope this helps,
llaravaAuthor Commented:
So even though is peaking the traffic is still fine? By when we should consider SMTP traffic as excessive?
llaravaAuthor Commented:
I got the following Critial Errors from EBA:

1.) SystemPages set too high

2.) HeapDeCommitFreeBlockThreshold not set

3.)Physical Memory configuration

Could this be the cause?
llaravaAuthor Commented:
It didn't fully anwser the question.
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