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Backup Exec tape management question - different tapes for different days? (TapeVault PV-132T)

I've been asked to make sure that we don't use the same tape two consecutive days in a row. I don't know the best way to go about this. I haven't previously setup anything using policies so maybe this is the time to start.

One round of backups will generally cross days so it seems it would have to be something not based on date.

Server 1 - 9:00 PM
Server 2 - 11:00 PM
Server 3 - 1:00 AM

I know one solution would be simply removing the tapes in the morning but I may not always be here. Another solution may be creating separate media sets per day but that seems cumbersome.
I'm looking for someone who has done something similar before to share with me what they've done.

3 Solutions
You could set the overwrite protection and append times so that the tapes won't be overwritten.

Method 1: Create Two media sets. eg Mon-Wed-Fri & Tue-Thu-Sat. Create two different jobs that run on the specific days of the week and target the appropriate set. Set the overwrite period to how long you wish to keep the data.
Method two: Set overwrite period of your targeted media set to at least 24 hours. Your append period for the same set in this scenario should be less than 24 hours. If your backup job runs at the same time every day, you can be sure that each days job will NOT use the same tape used the day before.
If you want specific assistance for a particular policy for overwrite and append periods let me know.
Even though our tapes cross the midnight barrier, we still use labelled day-based tapes.  As we manage multiple companies, tapes are handled by an appointed employee for each company.

As was mentioned above, overwrite period of 24 hours will keep data safe for a night, even if the tape is left in the drive.  Most of our clients then have 5 tapes, Monday-Friday.  We just tell them to put in the tape labelled Monday on Monday night, etc.  Date is still generally the best way to go.  If you label the tapes in Backup Exec as well with the correct day, then following them in the logs is easy enough.

If you won't always be there to do the tape changes, consider having someone else take care of this during those periods.  Set up your tape to eject after it completes its job, and just ask someone to make sure the tape's not hanging out of the drive before they head home each day.
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