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I am running a Windows XP (SP3) machine, and somehow someone set the unit to boot to the CD drive.  I can't get the computer to boot.  Is there a way to make a boot disk for the computer on ANOTHER Windows XP machine that will work on the computer that has the problem?


Phil Simmons
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Perhaps you made some hardware changes , and the drive numbers in your boot.ini changed ...
You can disconnect the cd drive, or start up with a boot cd such as a BartPE cd.
If you want, give me your mailaccount, i'll send you a download link where you can get the iso file
The boot settings are in the BIOS, you can usually get to these settings by hitting DEL key or F2 when the unit is first started (something is also normally flashed on the screen to show which key to use as well)
Usually if the BIOS is set to Boot from CD, the computer will look in CD and see nothing, and then continue on. Sometimes, if you have a CD in the drive it will stall, but usually, unless the CD is bootable, it just overlooks it and continues on.
So, do you have a CD in the drive? And if it is empty, then follow TBK-Consulting's advice.

All my computers are set to boot from CD first, but since I seldom do that, they just overlook it.
What brand of computer is it? and what happens when it doesn't boot? What is on the screen when it stops?
here is how to change the boot priority :
if you want to be sure it does not boot from cd - DISCONNECT it
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
What exactly do you see on the screen when trying to boot your machine? Have you ever played with BIOS?
You can press F8 or F12 key to call for Boot Menu and select HDD as boot source drive so to boot into Windows. But I agree, change the drive boot priority in BIOS. That should be enough.
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