How to configure Editor Options in outlook 2007 using group policy

I have a client that runs into formatting problems when users paste content into an email. The emails are supposed to have a certain look, but sometimes the new content that is pasted in will mess up the formatting.

I would like to use the outlook editor options to make "Match destination formatting" the default choice when users are pasting new content into the update. I have checked the Outlook 2007 administrative template, and the office customization tool and I have been unable to find those options for configuration.

Does anyone know how I could manage these settings in a centralized way? also if anyone knows how to make this setting the default in outlook 2003 that would be greatly appreciated.


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Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The option of formatting is avaible in Office Word GPO.

Mark formatting inconsistencies\Color for marking inconsistencies

Microsoft Office Word <version>\Word Options\Advanced\Smart Cut and Paste

Software\Policies\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools

For more info refer this:

Hope this helps,
alvareztgAuthor Commented:

That wasnt exactly what I was looking for but it should alert the users to the fact that the formatting is incorrect.

I followed the GP settings User Configuration > Admin Templates > Office 2007 > Advanced > Smart Cut and Paste. but I dont see "Mark Formatting inconsistencies"
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