Phone system not receiving incoming calls

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I have a 3COM NBX V3001 phone system and everyonce in a while it will stop receiving incoming calls. To correct the problem, i have to reset each anaolg card. Is there a way to correct this from happening.
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Could be any number of things.  Are you in a rural area by chance?  I have seen issue with the older analog line cards where it doesn't disconnect when someone gets into voice mail or an auto attendant and then hangs up.  

What troubleshooting steps have you taken?  Have you removed one of the analog lines when this occurs and connect it to an analog phone to verify it works?


I am not in a rural area and the system is fairly new. I haven't test the analog lines by connect them to a analog phone. What I have notice is when there is a problem, three out of the six cards are in a unknown status. Resetting the phone system corrects the problem.

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