windows 7 on VMWare Fusion vs Parallel Desktop vs Boot Camp

Performance wise, which will give me better performance on installing windows 7 on these three options? I am buying a mac book pro and will be instaling windows 7 x64 soon, so I need some guidance on this. I am thinking that boot camp might be out of my list because I'll have to reboot everytime I want to switch between windows and mac, but if it is better performance wise then I would consider it.

Could you guys point me to an article which shows benchmark tests on running windows 7 on these three options? the pro's and con's of each... I tried to google it and found only crappy articles about it
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I am not sure about detailed articles...  But restarting will give you a major performance boost.  Any other way and technically you will be running in a virtual OS and performance will suffer.
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
so you're saying that boot camp is better?? I heard that either VMWare or Parallel Desktop will not utilize the multi core of the CPU when running win 7
Personally I have run Windows 7 only on Parallels and find it very responsive most of the time on my MacBook Air ... I also run it on an older MacBook Pro (still intel cpu tho) and with 4Gb of RAM on the Pro it runs even smoother than on the Air that only has 2Gb of RAM ... BUT even with only 2Gb of RAM the Air runs it very smoothly with the only hiccups being stuff that required lots of eye candy (IE - the dealing of cards in Solitaire hiccups just slightly) ...

End result is for normal everyday usage of programs - Word, Excel,  etc ... running Parallels seems very smooth for Windows 7 - if you are expecting to play high-end graphics video games on Windows 7 via Parallels or Fusion - it's not going to work as well as running Windows or boot camp or running an entirely separate Windows workstation ...

The better the CPU, Graphics Card, and the More RAM you can sack into the Mac tho - the better either of their responses is going to be as far as performance goes .... I believe personally that there isn't much difference between Fusion or Parallels - performance-wise anyhow ... I just started using Parallels as it was the first to the market with windows virtualization on the mac ...

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kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
Might be an important aspect to inform you guys, but I don't plan to play games on my mac book pro.
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
Based on the article here:

It says that parallel wins over VMWare Fusion... but it's just one out of the many reviews
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
Wikipedia has the following article side by side of both VMWare Fusion and Parallel Desktop:

Seems like parallel still wins over VMWare
BTW - Parallels does see the multi-core when running windows 7 - as to whether or not it utilizes it - I don't know ... I do know that it runs much better on the newest MacBook Air, as opposed to the oldest one ... I have run it on both of them ... so better CPU = better performance, and better video card = better performance, and more RAM = better performance .... it's never going to be perfect as you lose some performance due to the virtualization of the Operating System, but in my opinion it runs very decently on parallels ...

I use my windows-side to do remote control of my clients' workstations for repairs and help desk purposes, etc ...
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
Some people even install boot camp and parallel at the same time... maybe this seems to be a good option, so if I want to have performance then I can use boot camp.. but if I am urgent then I can use parallel and osx side by side...

I think VMWare Fusion is out of my list this time.... based on the comparison list I see on wikipedia
1 note for you - Parallels has the ability to utilize your BootCamp partition as the VM - so you in sense can access the data from the BootCamp Windows via Parallels in a snap if you can't wait for the reboot ...
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
and so will that give me an extra performance if I install boot camp and parallel at the same time?
doesn't give extra performance - what it gives you is access to the same setup in either boot camp or parallels ...
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
oh okay...that's a plus feature I guess then... does VMWare did the same thing as well??
I don't think Fusion (vmware) has the same option to do that ...
My experience has been in using all of the products since their inception, that performance hcnges with each release and they all leapfrog one another.  That being said, my own personal best experience has been with Win 7 installed first in Boot Camp and then run with either VMware Fusion or Parallels, sing the BootCamp partition.  As I said, with each release, they leapfrog one another so what is better today, may be worse tomorrow.  This may not help, but it has been my experience.
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
That's what I was thinking to do, installing boot camp and then combine it with parallel. I think that I'll go with parallel as they exist before VMWare comes out
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