"Not enough memory" error when running Peachtree Accounting 2010 with Logmein

I setup one of my clients with a Logmein Pro account recently and everything has been running fine so far. Today, however, my client received an error when they were logged into their work computer remotely and tried to run a report from Peachtree Accounting 2010.
The error states: "Not enough memory to run" and she can't print the report. I looked online and found another user that had this same problem with Peachtree 2010 when connected via Logmein at http://community.peachtree.com/t5/Peachtree-Accounting/quot-Not-enough-memory-quot-error/m-p/11229. The error doesn't happen if the user runs the report while sitting at her work computer, but it always happens when connected via Logmein.
I know most of you will push it off as just a Logmein issue, which I'm sure it is - but I would like any constructive input from anyone else who may have had the same or similar problem.

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pccopilotsAuthor Commented:
I didn't believe that the computer specs mattered since the problem was related specifically to printing Peachtree reports through Logmein.

Regardless, we've resolved the issue. It was a problem with the previous printer the user had installed on her home computer. After setting up an alternate printer and removing the older one, she was able to print the Peachtree reports over the Logmein virtual printer from her work computer. It was strange that her old printer could print anything else other than Peachtree reports, but we're both happy now that this fixed the issue.
pccopilotsAuthor Commented:
Increased point value to 500 in hopes of some movement.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> my client received an error when they were logged into their work computer remotely

via RDP??
pccopilotsAuthor Commented:
Ummm... via Logmein. I mentioned it 4 times in the post and 1 time in the title.
Bill BachPresidentCommented:
Unfortunately, you haven't posted any statistics about the machine or the various processes running on it, so any help is severely limited.

You would want to troubleshoot this just like any other memory issue.  Start with TaskManager and review the Performance tab to compare the physical memory with the memory in use (Commit Charge).  If the commit charge is above the physical RAM, then you'll likely need to add more.  Also, verify the swapfile size, as figured into the maximum commit charge, and increase the swapfile if needed.  This may allow it to run. albeit VERY slowly as it swaps everything to disk.  Then, look through the Processes tab of TaskMgr (from All users).  Add the columns for memory usage and sort by that in descending order.  See what pops up to the top.  Post some of the results...
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