DXL to XML To Excel To Sharepoint for the uninitiated

I'm sorry - I have no  practical experience with XML so please... be kind :)

So I found this awesome XML to notes db demo fron Chuck Connell of CHC -3 consulting that concerts notes docs to xml. The docs in the db have csv file attachments whici I'm hoping to include.

and I think the easiest way to to then get this info into sharepoint would be to open it in Excel and publish it to a SharePoint list from Excel.

However it's not really working - the attachments are enocded and I imagine there needs to be some sort of transformation step that I'm missing that needs to take place... Am I right?

I've attached the example output xml
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Yes, there is, you should be able to deserialize that XML into files, but I don't have a solution ready, so it would take me too much time to investigate.
You can help yourself by detaching those CSV files to your local folder, using Lotus agent, so you don't have to do it manually:

You are trying to do what exactly?
You want to transfer lists that are currently in CSV files, as attachments in document(s) to Sharepoint lists, yes?

One-time transfer (e.g. migration) or you want to develop the code that you can run on demand?
sullisnyc44Author Commented:
well - there are some notes documents with some field info that I had wanted to transfer as well - but I agree with you that the easiest way is probably drag the files via explorer and update the other info in the list manually another way.

We are probably only talking abouit 160/170 file attachments/notes documents

I was just wondering if there was a way to do it all at once... my thought was via xml... Would that be the wrong way to do it?
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