Problem with filtering query (cross-tab) with parameter field

I have a cross tab query that is based on query2 that is based on query1.   Query1 filters the data (a very large table) by a date range (with from [starting date] to [ending date].  If I run query1 or query 2, it's fine.  But when I run the cross-tab query, I get the error:

'The Microsoft Office Access database engine does not recognize '[Starting Date]' as a valid field name or expression.

Anybody know why I'm getting this error?
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BBluConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
it seems like if I add a filter to a field that is a calculated field based on other fields... that is causes the problem.  The SQL code is too long and I wouldn't expect anyone to have to read through it..but is there an inherent problem with doing what I'm trying to do?

post the queries
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