Just thinking for a good name...


I need some help to find out a name for a Physiotherapy clinic that specializes in children with neurological problems and developmental disabilities.

I know that the methods that are going to be used are :
Neuro-Developmental Treatment "N.D.T" and
Sensory Integration "S.I"

This doesn't necessarily means that the name must contain those terms.
Please provide some help or names of Phys/py centers in your country just to get ideas...

Thanks :)
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Some ideas:
Child Development Center of (townname)
Brain & Potential Inc
East/West/North/South Pediatric & neurological Therapy Inc.
Horizons NDT (any catchy/promising word)
Sunrise NDT
Sunshine NDT etc
WeCare Child Institute
Your Child Can Institute

The point is get creative. Who ever thought yahoo would become a household name 15 years ago? why not pahoo?

Once it clicks, it becomes a household name; before that, it was not.
Keep it SIMPLE.

Your clientele will be worried parents. They need to recall your name without working too hard.

What street will it be on? Let's say, Barkley St.

Call it Barkley Children's Center.
CodedKAuthor Commented:
Nice idea Tiras25,
I don't know the street yet (there are many possibilities) but its a nice idea.

I'm waiting for other ideas too!

Thanks in advance.
Coralie CrumrineCommented:
Are you looking to be recognized by advertisements and logo?  If so, you should have a catchy name and an easily recognizable logo that looks good in both color and in black and white.  There are a lot of advertising agencies that can help you our with a name, a logo, and a web presence.

If you are going to rely more on word of mouth and/or referrals then it really doesn't matter what the name is. It could be just your name. As long as you give good service, your name, not your clinic name will be what is remembered anyway.

Good luck!
CodedKAuthor Commented:
Thank you Bilbo3D.

I'm just helping a friend here. So any feedback is appreciated.
You are right but she also wants to combine a good name and a good logo.
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