C# parses Oracle's tnsnames.ora into array?


I found many solution and scripts on-line, but none worked will or was to armature!

I'm looking for a script where it takes the tnsnames.ora file and parse it into "array" or whatever

that I can easy use it with combo-box to show the names and when the user select the name the system le's say ping the IP or the host

I need the name,host,ports,SID,service, what ever I can get

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
Data-BaseAuthor Commented:

it look nice (I saw it before) but for some reason it stops round here

private ArrayList ParseText(string text)

      ArrayList list = new ArrayList();

      string pattern =
        @"(?<name>[A-Z\-_]+\.WORLD)|" +
        @"(PROTOCOL = (?<protocol>[A-Z]+))|" +
        @"(HOST = (?<host>[A-Z0-9._]+))|" +
        @"(PORT = (?<port>[0-9]+))|" +
        @"(SID = (?<sid>[A-Za-z0-9.\-_]+))|" +
        @"(SERVICE_NAME = (?<service>[A-Z\-._]+))";

      TNSEntry entry = null;

      foreach (Match m in Regex.Matches(text, pattern))

        string name = m.Groups["name"].Value;
        string protocol = m.Groups["protocol"].Value;
        string host = m.Groups["host"].Value;
        string port = m.Groups["port"].Value;
        string service = m.Groups["service"].Value;
        string sid = m.Groups["sid"].Value;

not sure why

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
>but for some reason it stops round here

with error(s)? which one(s)?
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Data-BaseAuthor Commented:
the thing does not show any error, but it return nothing at all !!!!

I just added MessageBox.Show("Hello!") as a brake point and then I found out that the message box does not show in this area !!!!!
Data-BaseAuthor Commented:
I think the problem is within the (regular expression), I redone it but using another method by analyzing the output of the tnsping :-)

I will work farther on other solutions :-)

Data-BaseAuthor Commented:
I solved the issue, I needed to re write the regular expressions :-)

Thank you all

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