how to extend the limit of 1000 list of values in the drop down

I am using CRXI. I have a dynamic and cascading parameter which has more than 1000 values for a single input value. But I know crystal has a limitation to display only 1000 values for one selected value in the parameter. Is there any way we can get rid of this limitation?
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You need to make a registry change. People recommend doing a backup of your registry before doing this.

Open your START | RUN and type in regedit

Browse here:

Key Folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 12.0\Crystal Reports\DatabaseOptions\LOV\

- For you it might be Suite 11.0 - this should already exist (12.0 is 2008)
- You will probably need to add the "LOV" Key folder.

Right Click - New String Value: MaxRowsetRecords
Value Data: You new limit (i.e.: 5000)

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
are you serious? I would not give a user more than 20 items in a dropdown, instead of developing a small filtering form to reduce the list seriously

not sure though how to implement that with CRXI ...
P.S.: If you have the report published on Crystal Enterprise/InfoView you must also make this change on your server. Typically requires a system reboot to take effect.
baralpAuthor Commented:
GREAT!! Registry change is working perfectly fine!!
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