Can Berryberry get email from Exchange 2010 server without BES?

Hi Experts,

What is easy way to setup and get email (we don't care about calendar ... but sent email from blackberry will show up on Sent folder on Exchange server) from Exchange 2010 server without BES?

Thank you so much in advance.


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Kind of...
I have used this at my work and they people are pretty happy with it.  
Create a rule in Outlook for all messages (or whatever ones you want to be sent to blackberry).  Exchange sees the message and forwards out to the BBery device.  You can see what messages are sent from the Exchange Server to the device, however not from the device (to show in the sent of Exchange).  That you can't do.
Then send the messages or forward messages to the email account setup on the blackberry. Most BBerry's come with some email or Verizon, etc.  They can revieve their email there however NOTE:  when they reply their address will appear as the BBerry one (or whatever one you've forwarded to).
We've had great success in using this and saved us from purchasing BES at this time PLUS going forward wtih other phones but the Bberry (Such as Droid, iPHones) it's worked great.
If you want to see what messages have been sent from the BBerry device's POP3 account, add that to your Outlook profile and make sure to keep a copy on the POP3 server so you can sync.
Hope this helps some.
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
you can buy BIS (blackberry internet services) and enable pop3 or IMAP, BIS uses either POP3 or IMAP to retreive the emails, it will synch inbox no sent items or calendars
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