Managing Symantec Endpoint Security remotely

I have SEP 11.0.4 and would like to give remote access to the console only to help desk

What options do I have?

I tried logging to http://servername:8443 and  http://servername:8443/servlet/JnlpServlet but that is not working

I have Java installed

Thank you
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
You need to first install the console on the remote machine.  Open your browser on the remote workstation and go to:  http://[SEPserver name or IP]:9090 (assuming you have used the default ports when installing the SEP Management Server)
This will launch in install process for the console.  Be sure to put a shortcut on the desktop or add to your Favorites so that it's easy to get back to once installed.
Upgrade to SEP RU6, It's using a pure web-based console. You can publish it using any security firewall (ISA / PIX / Juniper...etc).
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