I am using TinyBox from

When it pops up it displays a small rectangle with animation for 3 seconds.
I want to skip it. It has a toggle parameter (second) to skip it (I think) but when I set tit to 0 it doesn't change anything.
How can I do it?
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hieloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>What I see is that Demo2 also has an animation and also takes about 3 seconds.
Originally you said:
"When it pops up it displays a small rectangle with animation for 3 seconds. I want to skip it."

Example two is coded as follows:
loader:1, //SET this to Zero if you do not want the animation
loaderImagePath:'animationProcessing.gif', //and get rid of this

>>Only the "inline" demos open fast.
Of course! The browser does not have to make a remote request for the data. It is already in the browser. But if you are trying to "import" content dynamically delays will be noticeable especially on clients who have a slow internet connection. That's why these plugins have that animation. On a slow connection, without the animation it may seem as if though your page is not doing anything.

Open in new window

>>It has a toggle parameter (second)
No. The toggle parameter is the 5th parameter. So intead of:


you should be using:
VapiSoftAuthor Commented:
The 5th parameter controls the auto-hide.
I do set it to 0.
I am talking about the small rectangle with the animation at the beginning of the show.
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The documentation on that page states:

The TINY.box.show function takes 6 parameters:

1. the HTML content for the box or the relative path to the AJAX source,

2. a toggle (true/false or 1/0) if the content is via AJAX,

3. the width of the window (use 0 for auto),

4.  the height of the window (use 0 for auto),

5. a toggle (true/false or 1/0) to animate the window,

6. and the time in seconds to wait before auto hiding the popup (optional).

The auto-hide is the the Last parameter (the 6th parameter). So the 5th parameter is what you want.
VapiSoftAuthor Commented:
The funny thing is that if I set the 5th (second from last) parameter to zero,
It reates only the animation (small rectangle with 3 seconds animation) and does not open the HTML page.
Have you consider using an alternate plugin?

That particular plugin is limited to the 6 options stated above and if those don't meet your needs, then perhaps you need something more flexible.
VapiSoftAuthor Commented:
I need something that can open an HTML page (like the TinyBox),  but can also display parameters that I send to it. I asked this question in a seperate post on TinyBox.
And that I can call other functions in the main page with the parameters that the user enters.
Can example 3 do that?
>>Can example 3 do that?
First of all, example 3 uses an iframe to import a remote url.  Tinybox cannot do this. Tinybox relies on files from the SAME domain. So on the example page, Example 2 basically does what Tinybox does.

>> but can also display parameters that I send to it
How are you doing this with Tinybox? The DOMwindow plugin creates an element with id=DOMWindow. So if you obtain a reference to that element, you can "insert/pass" content into that window.
VapiSoftAuthor Commented:
What I see is that Demo2 also has an animation and also takes about 3 seconds.
So I don't gain anything from using it.
Only the "inline" demos open fast.
BTW: if you REALLY want the animation to not show up at all using Tinybox, then you can:
a. replace your preloader.gif image with a transparent image
b. in your css change:
background:#fff url(preload.gif)

background:#fff url()

and the animation will disappear.
VapiSoftAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Now I understand that I cannot make it work fast. I use it to show help content and because there is a lot of Help pages I cannot make it "online".
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