use regedit to team network card

Hi everyone

I have a windows 2008 seerver running under Hyper-V this server has 2 network cards that i want to team, the reason is that i have already team the network adapter on the fysical server, and want to team it also in Hyper-V.

Is there some one that can help me in this, how to team network adapter throw regedit ??


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jakethecatukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your VM's use proprietry NIC's which don't support teaming.  HYPER-V won't let you team a NIC and use it as part of the Virtual network.

I believe that this issue is being addressed in SP1 for Windows 2008 Server R2 (allowing teaming of NICs at the host layer).

If they are teamed at a physical layer, why would you want to team them on a VM.

Anyway, you can only team adaptors if the drivers support NIC teaming and the Microsoft Virtual Machine Bus Adaptors don't support it.
DC10Author Commented:
The reason for the teaming, is if you team the fysical mashine, you can not use Hyper-V virtual adapters on that teaming, but if you make the connectin from hyper-v to each NIC, and then team it, then you will have a failover ont the NIC. there for i will like to team the virtial NIC, if it can be done by regedit.
DC10Author Commented:
Well the SP1 NIC teaming in 2008 R2 server has been fix, but using the teaming on Server R2 on the Hyper-V has not been fix, just run the test and it will not work. :-( if it´s was working, i will not ask this quisten.
DC10Author Commented:
I found a nother way to handle the problem
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