Need to run RVS4000 in "Router Mode"

I have a RVS4000, I need to run it in what it calls "Router Mode", the other mode it has is gateway mode (in which it acts like a NAT router).  I have static IP addressed machines connected to this router that I want to expose to the internet.  The router has an TCP/IP ACL based firewall (allowing me at add rules that specify source and destination addresses/ranges and TCP services/port numbers/ranges) which implies that I should be able to do this, but I haven't been able to get it working.  Whenever I put the router in Router Mode, I can still communicate with it, but I can't get to the internet.  What do I need to do?  

IPs are totally fake for my protection:
Assuming that my public I.P. range is
My router WAN IP is set as and on the LAN its IP is the same and it is running in Gateway mode.  My computers are assigned their public IPs and they can all use the internet when it is set up this way.   However, when I go to from any of the computers, it of course reports instead of one of the IPs in that is assigned to the machine.

Also, if I switch it to router mode while the WAN and LAN IP are set to the same thing, I can't access the router's configuration WebGUI afterwards. (I've gotten around this by resetting to factory defaults).
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Not really as a router is designed to route traffic between two different network schemes.
So if I've got this straight, you have machines on the LAN side with your external IP addresses and there in lies your problem.

If it were me, I would set up a different range on the LAN side of things and use the firewall ACL to map from your external to your new internal addresses.

Does that make sense?

CoryDambachAuthor Commented:
"So if I've got this straight, you have machines on the LAN side with your external IP addresses and there in lies your problem."  Actually in Gateway mode (which is what I'm running it as right now), it works fine, there is no "problem" with the way it is functioning.  The problem is that when I switch it to router mode I can't get to the internet from a machine connected to the router, how do I fix this?

Before switching it to router mode, I do change the LAN address to something distinct from the WAN IP address so as to avoid the problem I described above where I can't access the WebGUI any longer.
It's what I'd do.

Look below and you'll see an example of how you can do it.

On the IP ACL page, make the source being the WAN interface and make sure you get the mapping correct.

Good luck :)
WAN                 LAN --> --> --> -->

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CoryDambachAuthor Commented:
I'm really looking for a way to do it without bothering with internal addresses.  Do you know of any way I can make "router mode" work?
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