What's a good antivirus app for a sql server? We currently have a license for symantec's "endpoint protection" av which I've put on our other servers, but wonder if this will affect SQL performance?

Would putting Symantec's "Endpoint Protection" as an unmanaged client on a busy SQL server be a mistake?  I've previously worked in an environment with Kaspersky AV and recall that on all our SQL servers we had to turn off everything but file AV and it still seemed to affect SQL performance..."Endpoint" as an lone install doesn't seem very configurable there am wondering whether purchasing a separate product for just our servers might be a good idea.  I appreciate in advance your suggestions
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jebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Endpoint works fine once you exclude the SQL files. there is a good explanation here:

jimmymcp02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
agree with jeb...
Microsoft recomends excluding various files from being scanned to prevent performace issues.
Also the anti virus and anti spyware will be enough to get you started. Then you can turn other technologies if you wish to test them. This will help you isolate performace issues when other features are turned on.
Did you find anything? Are you going with Symantec?
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