Using SharePoint (MOSS) how can I include a link to spell check functionality in my own pages build in VS for SP?

Currently I am working on a SharePoint project for MOSS 2007, in which I created a set of .aspx pages and .cs classes using Visual Studio 2008. One of the requirements for this project, is that user has the ability to use the check spellling functionality when Editing / Adding info.

In pages built by MOSS related to lists, I found in EDIT / ADD pages a js, which call a webservice (.asmx) and a page (.aspx) to include this funcitonality.

The piece of code (taken from VIEW SOURCE on IE) is:

      <a href="javascript:SpellCheckEntirePage('http:\u002f\u002fWWW.ANYWEBSITEURL.COM/_vti_bin/SpellCheck.asmx', 'http:\u002f\u002fWWW.ANYWEBSITEURL.COM/_layouts/SpellChecker.aspx');" title="Spelling..." class='ms-toolbar'><img align='absmiddle' alt="Spelling..." src="/_layouts/1033/images/rte2spchk.gif" style='border-width:0px;' width='16' height='16'></a>

which in IE is equivalent to:

      <a href="javascript:SpellCheckEntirePage('http://WWW.ANYWEBSITEURL.COM/_vti_bin/SpellCheck.asmx', 'http://WWW.ANYWEBSITEURL.COM/_layouts/SpellChecker.aspx');" title="Spelling..." class='ms-toolbar'><img align='absmiddle' alt="Spelling..." src="/_layouts/1033/images/rte2spchk.gif" style='border-width:0px;' width='16' height='16'></a>

Any how I am triying to use this functionality in my project, wihtout any sucess so far. Has anyone of you had to handle this functionality? If so, how did you implement it?

Your feedback on this matter is highly appreciated!
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Shailaja KumarCommented:
In SharePoint, the spell check is invoked with the "Spelling" button click if you see in the Newform/editform while creating or editing a list item.
You may need to invoke the functionality from a button click or as per your requirements, the following link might be helpful,

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edgarmora4033Author Commented:
Thank you Shailaja!

This week I will not be able to test this code. Any way as soon as I try it I will let you know the results.

edgarmora4033Author Commented:
Additional info

I missed to mention, that even the project is requested for MOSS 2007, I was developing in a WSS30 environment. What I tried to do, was to invoke the checkspell from the machine that will host the project later on. This trial went into nothing. I gave up working in WSS30 and I will move next week totally to develop in MOSS 2007, in which I will test the solution provided by Shailaja.

When I am done, I will post feedback on this topic.

Thank you!

edgarmora4033Author Commented:
I read this solution. It makes total sense. I did not try it because my project changed directions and it went to MOSS directly using OTB spellcheck.

Anywya, I strongly believe the proposed solution is a very good one.

Thank you!
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